Pricing Information

CFO Scoreboard Annual Subscription Service

  • CFO Scoreboard is an annual subscription service.

    To purchase your CFO Scoreboard, please call 512.231.9944 or email
    • Each license includes two user accounts
      – a primary user and a helper account.
    • A Level One license allows you to analyze one company.
    • Additional companies may be added for $2,995 per year.
    • Each additional company also includes an additional helper account.

    For pricing information on multi-user or professional services accounts,
    please enquire via email at or call us at 512.231.9944.

    At CFO Scoreboard we have one goal in mind: to provide you with the best business and financial optics so you can make the best decision,
    and as a result, make more money. Get started with CFO Scoreboard today!